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Criminal Defense Attorney Grand Rapids, MI

Are you facing criminal charges and need legal help ASAP? The repercussions from having a criminal record can affect both your personal and professional life. For example, both employers and landlords are able to conduct background checks, which can make it difficult for you to secure a job or housing.

At Jerry Beurkens Law, we provide legal representation while keeping your best interests in mind and working to clear your name or negotiating a less severe sentence.

Attorney Jerry Beurkens takes the following types of criminal defense cases:

While facing criminal charges, you may be worried about some of the short-term effects, such as going to jail or paying fines immediately. Attorney Jerry Beurkens can help you sort out the legalities of your criminal case so that there’s no confusion on what your next steps are. As soon as he takes on your case, he will begin developing a legal strategy to promote the best outcome.

If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, please feel free to call the Grand Rapids law office of Attorney Jerry Beurkens at (616) 459-5344. As an experienced defense lawyer, Jerry Beurkens will work hard to build your legal case, improving your odds of being cleared of all charges or receiving a lesser sentence.

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Our criminal defense attorneys help individuals who are worried about paying heavy fines, going to jail or losing their jobs. Let our years of experience work for you! Get a free case evaluation here or call us right now at (616) 459-5344.

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