How a DUI Can Impact Your Life

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Have you or a loved one recently been convicted of a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offense?

People often learn the hard way that a DUI can have a major impact on one’s life in a variety of different ways.

Oftentimes, it is very important to have a quality criminal defense attorney to help limit the amount of damage a DUI can have on your personal and professional life. The criminal defense attorneys at Beurkens Law have put together a list below of some of the ways a DUI can change your life.

Impact on Me Now

If you are found guilty of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), you will likely have your driver’s license suspended from six months to years on average, depending on certain factors including your previous criminal record.

In addition, you will also be responsible for paying the high court fines required based on the unique details of your court case. Finally, you may also be required to take a DUI class or counseling before you are able to have your driver’s license reinstated.

The consequences for a second and third offense are more costly, and more than just money. They often require more fines, jail time, community service, and probation. You lose more time, which you can never get back, and each offense is harder and takes longer to recover from.

Impact My Job

Depending on the type of work, a DUI can oftentimes lead to trouble in the workplace. Individuals who have committed a DUI offense oftentimes have to miss work for their court dates. You may even get fired because of your DUI, even if your job doesn’t include driving.

If the individual is searching for a job, there will be a large number of career opportunities that will no longer be an option and they may also be required to explain their DUI on their job applications or during job interviews.

Impact on the Future

One major impact that a DUI can have on your future is that it becomes a part of your permanent criminal record. With your mugshot and fingerprints on file from the DUI, any company needing to do a background check will be able to see the offense in your record, which may impact their decision to offer you a job, provide insurance coverage, or give you a financial loan.

Being convicted of DUI may also mean that you will be required to pay much higher insurance rates in the future, or possibly even losing your coverage entirely. A DUI radically impacts the life of anyone who gets one. The impact only rises if you get a second or third one. There is so much at stake for your current life and your future.

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