The Damage a Spinal Cord Injury Leaves Behind

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A spinal cord injury is devastating, not only to the victim but to the victim's family. Someone who may have once been independent may now need round-the-clock nursing care. You may also be facing expensive medical bills.

Don't trust that the insurance company has your back. Often, they'll offer the smallest settlement instead of the compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys understand the emotional trauma of a spinal cord injury. They also understand how families often have to sacrifice to take care of the people they love.

Continue reading to learn about the damage a spinal cord injury leaves behind. We'll also explain how our spinal cord injury attorneys can help you and your family.

What is the Main Purpose of the Spinal Cord?

If you run your fingers down the middle of your back, you'll feel the bumps of the vertebrae beneath your skin. These vertebrae make up your spine and protect the bundles of nerve fibers within. In other words, your spine protects your spinal cord.

Your spinal cord is a pathway for messages to go between the brain and the rest of your body. The spinal cord has 5 major sections: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal.

What Causes Spinal Cord Injuries?

A sudden traumatic event can fracture or dislocate the vertebrae. Once this happens, bone fragments or disc material can tear the spinal cord. The ligaments that hold the vertebrae together may also bruise.

Spinal cord injuries may result from:

  • Auto accidents
  • Assault
  • Playing sports 
  • Diving into shallow water and hitting the bottom 
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Falling from a great height
  • Electrical accidents

What are the Different Types of Spinal Cord Injuries?

An injured spinal cord can cause chronic back pain, paraplegia, and even tetraplegia. It all depends on where you injured your spinal cord.

People with spinal cord injuries may have difficulty:

  • Controlling muscle movement
  • Receiving sensory information
  • Coordinating reflexes

No matter your situation, we want you to know that you're not alone. We can help you prove that the other person was at fault for the accident that caused your injury.

How Does a Spinal Cord Injury Affect Your Life?

It's important to understand that each person is different. Most people with spinal cord injuries need mobility devices like wheelchairs and walkers. Many people also need occupational therapy to re-learn daily living activities. These efforts may help people with spinal cord injuries live independent, productive lives.

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