3 Reasons for a Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License

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Most Americans depend on their cars for being able to drive to work, run errands, or pick their kids up from school. However, when you have a suspended driver’s license, you are forced to find other arrangements, car pool, or take public transportation until your license is reinstated. 

A Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney can help you streamline the process of license reinstatement and show you what legal steps you’ll need to take. Below, you’ll find the most common reasons for why driver’s licenses are suspended every day.

1. Point Accumulation

Each state has its own point system for keeping track of a driver’s number of traffic violations, which include civil infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies. In the state of Michigan, you are allowed a certain amount of points within a set time period until you run the risk of losing your driver’s license. These points remain on your license for two years after your conviction date.

Each type of violation has a certain point value. For example, operating under the influence or reckless driving both carry a point value of 6, while most minor moving violations have a value of 2. If you accrue 12 points on your license within the two-year period, your license will be suspended.

However, points are only added to your driving record after you’ve been convicted of a traffic violation. This is why it’s important to hire a reputable license restoration attorney if you know you are at risk of losing your driver’s license.

2. No Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is important because it protects you (to an extent) from paying for property damage and injuries caused by car collisions. The state of Michigan requires you at least have car insurance coverage for property damage and bodily injuries. 

However, if you don’t have at least minimum car insurance coverage, you could run the risk of losing your driver’s license. If you are stopped by police, you could lose your license if you are unable to offer proof of insurance. 

This means that even if you have car insurance coverage, you could still face the same legal consequences as someone driving without insurance. As a driver, it is your responsibility to make sure you are always able to offer proof of insurance.

3. Drunk Driving

If you were convicted of drunk driving, you will need legal guidance from an experienced license restoration lawyer. Depending on the number of DUIs you’ve had within a certain period of time, you will have to offer different levels of proof of your sobriety.

If you have been convicted of two DUIs within a seven-year period, you will need to offer proof to the courts that you have been alcohol free for a year. If you rack up three or more DUIs within your lifetime, you will need to prove that you have stayed away from alcohol for five years and prove that you will remain alcohol-free in the future.

A knowledgeable license restoration lawyer can advise you on how to prove your sustained sobriety to the courts. For example, you will need to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and team up with a sponsor. You will also need to produce witnesses who can testify to your sobriety.

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